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Do Something Nice

Aug 25, 2019

Each episode includes a quote that best ties into the story Jeff shares. There are so many quotes he loves sharing and this episode contains a handful of quotes to live by from Jeff himself.


The quotes in this episode is from Jeff Bonano: 

-“Earn the life you are given.”

-“Opportunities are never lost, they are just taken by other people.”

-“Live as if you were dying. Laugh as if it’s not all that bad. Love as if you only have one chance left.”

-“Good things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who are productive while they wait. The best things come to those who help others while they wait.”

-“Do not steal the bread and wine from the table if you are not hungry or thirsty.”

-“If you stress or worry about something, then it’s something that can be fixed and you should go fix it. If you can’t fix it, then there is no point in stressing or worrying about it.”

-“Look for as many ways to build your character. When you’re older, you would much rather be strong built than weak minded.”

-”Do something nice for someone without being caught.”