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Do Something Nice

Feb 23, 2020

Amongst us there are people who have what it takes to stand up and be guardian angels for others. This is a story of one of those people.

The quote in this episode is from Roma Downey: “I think we all do have a guardian angel. I believe they work through us all the time, when we are thoughtful and good and kind to...

Feb 16, 2020

Valentine’s Day is a day that reminds us that there is room for love in the world. But is there enough room for over 300,000 Valentine’s? 

The quote in this episode is from John Lennon: “Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.”

Feb 9, 2020

Jeff reached out and asked for your favorite quotes and he would love to share some of his responses with you. So enjoy some of these quotes and maybe you will find one that will help keep you motivated to do something nice.


The quotes in this episode are from some of you!


Josie shared one From Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.:...

Feb 2, 2020

Water is fun to play in, but not when it becomes a flood. So when a town is flooded, ordinary people suddenly become extraordinary heroes. 

The quote in this episode is from Daryn Kagan: “Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories...