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Do Something Nice

Sep 27, 2020

We survive dangerous situations all the time as people, but what about animals? This episode tells the tales of Trooper and Fire Cat. Two animals that survived the California fires.

The quote in this episode is from Steve Irwin: “But I put my life on the line to save animals.”

Sep 20, 2020

When a mom decides to teach her daughter how to be kind while educating her about what essential workers do, a sweet idea becomes a thing. Listen in to find out who the Queen of Cookie Kindness is!


The quote in this episode is from Devin Villa, “Our future depends on what we’re teaching our kids”

If you would...

Sep 13, 2020

As fires all over rage on, so many people are asked to step up and be courageous while battling one more thing in the world right now. Let’s take a second and recognize those who are stepping up and providing support.

The quote in this episode is from Maya Angelou: “Having courage does not mean that we are unafraid....

Sep 6, 2020

Kids and Dogs, Dogs and Kids! Two great combos that believe it or not, when you combine them together, you get a shining example of how to foster compassion. Including those who are in need of a foster home. Listen in to find out what that means!

The quote in this episode is from Roger Caras: “Dogs have given us...